Welcome to the Money Worth Saving blog. A blog aimed to help people with their finances and also learn about the many ways to make extra money on the side.

My name is Haylim Suy and I am the founder of Money Worth Saving.

At MWS, my mission is to provide you with articles (written by me) about the many ways to make money online and saving some money along the way.

A little about who I am…

I am debt free!!! Well, I’m pretty close. Other than my mortgage, which I consider good debt I feel like I’m 99.9% to being debt free.

I have no student loan debt. I paid those off in a couple of years . If I knew then what I know now, I would have documented my progress.

I have no credit card debt. I do use credit cards to make purchases but I always pay off the full balance to avoid any interests.

Eliminating all of your debt really does take the weight off of your shoulders. It’s a wonderful feeling. It enables you to start enjoying life the way it’s meant to be. You can start living life without the worrying about debt.

I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. I’ve lost many nights of sleep because of it.

I come from a family of seven and we barely had any money at all. As a kid, I really didn’t understand the hard work and sacrifices my parents had to make just to keep food on the table.

We lived paycheck to paycheck for many many years until my brothers and I were old enough to get a job and help with the bills.

I’m not perfect!

I struggled with managing my money as I got older. Bought a lot of things I didn’t need.

Made my share of stupid financial mistakes. I’m not proud of it but I learned from it. So many life lessons I had to learn the hard way but I’m glad it happened the way it did.

Today, I’m finally in a good financial place. I still work my day job which allows me the down time to maintain Money Worth Saving. I want to show you guys all the ways we can earn income online.

With this blog, I want to be able to help you get there too. I hope I can be an inspiration for you to start taking action towards a life you really want.

So buckle up and let’s enjoy the ride.